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How our affiliate program works

Signup to be an affiliate with Renozee, and get your own affiliate dashboard with links to share on your website or on social media.


Join our program and get your custom link to start tracking conversions.


Use any channel to share promotional materials, such as articles or videos.


Get 10% of recurring monthly commission for every new Renozee subscription.

The perfect online marketplace to promote as an affiliate.

Renozee is the first mobile renovation bidding app in the nation to offer a dedicated space for connecting real estate investors with independent contractors. We're known as an investment property renovation marketplace.

We'll happily pay you 10% commission to spread the word about it.

Huge market potential

Renozee works with real estate investors, property managers, property owners, independent and general contractors.

Resources to Promote us

Renozee’s affiliate program features lots of resources to promote our service. Access a library of creatives including links, banners and materials to promote our service to your audience.

How much you could be earning?

We don't just pay once-off commissions, though.

You receive 10% commission every time a contractor renews their subscription with us.

Here’s how quickly those commissions can add up if you land just a handful of successful referrals each month:

Month Sales Sales Value Commission Monthly Income
January 1 $249.95 $25.00 $25.00
February 3 $749.85 $75.00 $100.00
March 4 $999.80 $100.00 $200.00
April 7 $1,749.65 $175.00 $375.00
May 10 $2,499.50 $250.00 $625.00

What do our most successful affiliate partners look like?

You’re here to make money. And your success is our success. So here are the qualities we’ve noticed in our most successful affiliates:

You’re a hustler

You have an audience that can benefit from using the Renozee App.

You’re passionate

Your desire to succeed is as great as your desire to help others.

You LOVE Renozee

It’s difficult to fake real enthusiasm. Our most successful affiliates use Renozee.

This is what you get when you become an affiliate partner :

Recurring commission

Receive 10% of every sale


Monthly you'll have an opportunity to win a cash prize

Insider access

You'll be the first to beta test some of Renozee's new features

Unlimited support

Exclusive support, hangouts, and promo materials

Conversion tracking

Log in to our portal to track your performance and revenue

Unlimited earnings

We'll pay you for as many sales as you can make

Why Contractor's Love Renozee™

We have earned the trust of our partners through outstanding service and fair business practices. The Renozee™ App raises the bar and sets a new standard for the property renovation industry. Imagine a platform that actually cares about the success of home improvement contractors. Their success is our success.

investment property renovation contractors

The ability to manage all of my bids in one place really helps me to stay organized.

Rich Jones

investment property renovation contractors

I love that there are small and large size projects available that seem hand picked for me to bid on.

Jose Martinez

investment property renovation contractors

Bidding on the app was pretty smooth. I will definitely continue using it for obtaining future work.

Tom Williams

Master Plumber

Your questions answered

Anyone who has access to service professionals in the home improvement space can apply

No, but being one gives you more credibility :-)

Simply click on one of the buttons above to sign up. Once approved, you can immediately begin to promote Renozee.

Payments are made 30 days after a contractor that you referred purchases a subscription. All payouts occur on the same day of each month.

No, and it never will. Our affiliate program is free for everyone. We pay you. Not the other way around (duh!).

Show off its benefits or create content around the best ways to use Renozee to achieve more jobs in the home improvement space. It’s always good to actually show people how they can use Renozee to get better results, save time, and earn more.

Our baseline commission is 10% of each subscription referral. Each new contractor you refer that purchases a subscription puts money in your bank account for months (or years) to come.

Start earning recurring revenue

No risk, zero commitment

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