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5 tips for contractors working safely during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the normal working environment in all industries including the real estate sector. Although the industry was partially closed, there are important health regulations guidelines that outline how the construction industry can maintain workers’ safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Every contractor dealing with investment property renovation projects must adhere to these regulations to ensure there is guaranteed safety of the site and the workforce. In this post, we are going to outline tips on how contractors can safeguard their working environment and reduce the rate of COVID-19 transmission.

1. Risk assessment

Any contractor dealing with investment property renovation projects should ensure that they carry out sufficient risk assessment exercise of all workforce and site before they can kick start the project. Every working environment is different and assessing risks helps to determine the appropriate control measures that need to be introduced to guarantee safety.

2. Understand the recommended industry-specific guidelines

The government has come up with construction industry-specific safety guidelines that will help curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Contractors dealing with investment property renovation projects should also apply these guidelines to ensure the workforce stays safe and healthy. They include;

  • If there are sick workers, let them stay at home
  • Ensure there is a social distancing of at least 6 feet on the site
  • Always clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and machinery
  • Limit sharing of construction tools among workers
  • Practice proper hygiene like regular handwashing
  • Encourage the use of protective gears and face masks

3. Proper communication with construction workers

To create harmony between the contractor of investment property renovation projects and their workers, there is a need for proper consultation when formulating safety guidelines. When workers are consulted on health and safety issues, they are able to give their insights and understanding about the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also a good platform that allows employees to ask questions and raise any safety concerns with the contractor. Such discussions help in formulating widely acceptable health and safety procedures in a construction environment.

4. Consider workers who are more susceptible to contracting the virus

Many workers dealing with renovation works are experts who might feel anxious about their own health. Ensure that as a contractor, you have informed them of all the protocols and measures that you have taken to guarantee them the highest level of work safety. If there are those who are aged, pregnant, or have other underlying health conditions, a proper risk management method is required.

5.Have an emergency isolation makeshift facility

When taking all the necessary precautions, contractors should also think of the worst-case scenario in the event of emergencies. If there comes a time when some of the workers start showing symptoms of COVID-19, you should put them in an isolation facility and contact the
nearest health facility immediately. If it’s not an emergency, they should be allowed to stay home and self-isolate in strict conformity of stay at home guidelines. Contractors working on investment property renovation projects should focus on creating a safe and healthy working environment. COVID-19 pandemic is still here with us and if any home renovation projects can’t be undertaken in a safe and sound environment, it should not commence. Follow health and safety requirements to the latter and productivity will increase since workers feel safe and protected.

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