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Newly Launched Renozee™ Takes Investment Property Projects to the Next Level

Mobile app enables reviews, hiringand paymentdirectly through the app, while ensuring that both property owners and contractors needs and obligations are met

CINCINNATI, OHIO (March 22, 2021) – Renozee announces its newly launched app is live in the Cincinnati and tri-state area, and is ready for download. The app, designed with both investment property owners and contractors in mind, allows them to bid on projects, connect and even facilitate payments.

Cincinnati natives Cisol Hogan, Founder & CEO, and Lamar Harris, Co-Founder & CMO, along with friend Vimal Patel, Co-Founder & CTO, teamed up to conceptualize, develop and launch Renozee. Renozee makes real estate investment renovations easier for both investment property owners and independent contractors by providing a practical application to accomplish both groups‘ goals. By uploading photos and details of a project to the app and eliminating the need for time-consuming in-person walk throughs, investment property owners receive unlimited live bids from qualified contractors. After reviewing multiple submissions and comparing directly in the app, property owners can also see the contractors’ reviews, hire, and pay their chosen contractor directly through the app. Renozee even calculates the average bid for each project to help property owners choose their contractor.

“To begin a new project on one of my investment properties, I would typically search for available independent contractors,” said Hogan, Founder & CEO. “This process involves scheduling appointments with each contractor, hosting multiple walk-throughs of the property, then comparing each bid price. This process was laborious and cumbersome. Not to mention, the longer my property sat empty, the more it cut into my profit. We created Renozee to take on the heavy lifting of this process so that users can start their projects sooner and with more confidence.

Independent contractors will also benefit from the Renozee app. Once selected by the property owner via the app, the payment is put into an escrow account for the contractor. Should the owner and contactor choose, the app also allows for the contractors to be paid once milestones are reached rather than final projects.

“Our goal was to make the process as simple as possible for both investment property owners and independent contractors,” said Harris, Co-Founder & CMO. “Renozee facilitates the entire process of real estate investment renovations. From collecting bids to paying for quality work, the app is userfriendly and built with both user parties in mind.”

Renozee is available on the App Store and Google Play.

About Renozee™

Renozee™ was built to enable both real estate investors and independent contractors to achieve the common goal of having a successful investment property renovation. In support of this common goal, we’ve created Renozee, a mobile app that allows investors to post renovation projects and contractors to bid directly on those projects in real-time. For more information, visit renozee.com.

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